The health of your eyes matters to you, and it matters to us too, which is why our office is now offering the newest technology for detecting and treating eye diseases.  Ocular Coherence Tomography or OCT is an advanced eye scan suitable for people of all ages.  Similar to an ultrasound, the OCT simultaneously takes a digital photograph and 3D cross section scan of the back of the eye allowing for instant diagnosis of a number of common conditions.  The scan is non-invasive, painless, and can be completed in just a few seconds.

Ocular coherence tomography

Dr. Amanda Martini

Common conditions identified by an OCT scan include:

  • Age-related macular degeneration:  Macular degeneration causes gradual breakdown of the macula.  The OCT can identify this condition, differentiate between the two types (dry & wet), and monitor its progress.
  • Diabetes:  Diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of visual impairment.  Early detection of the disease greatly improves the success of treatment.
  • Glaucoma:  Glaucoma damages the optic nerve.  The danger with glaucoma is that it has no symptoms.  Having an OCT scan can confirm the diagnosis and determine what stage of glaucoma you might have.
  • Macular holes:  A macular hole is a small hole in the macula - the part of the retina responisble for sharp, detailed, central vision.